We live in the time of the Specialist.  He is dangerous: he
knows much about one thing, but nothing about all else.
There was, perhaps, a better time. The Renaissance, when
the desire to know all ruled. This seems now impossible,
but it is still the path of the wisest.  No nobler task than
knowing for the sake of knowledge and to read for the
sheer pleasure of reading.  
Here is a chance to shed some light onto other universes:
Rudyard Kipling: The Female of the Species

Rudyard Kipling: If

T.S. Eliot: The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock

Arthur Rimbaud: Parisian War Cry

Collette:  In the Boudoir

Rainer Maria Rilke: Saint Sebastian


Allen Ginsberg: Howl
Ideas and Topics
Rebecca Solnit on Capitalism

NATALIE ANGIER:  Making Sense of Time, Earthbound and Otherwise
Dennis Overby: Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t
Diego von Vacano: Football and Philosophy
Diana Cariboni and Franz Chávez: Coca, Poverty and Hope
Gary Lee: Lake Titicaca
Human Rights Foundation: Enshrining Mob Rule in Bolivia
Nigel Tisdall: Breathless in Bolivia
David Atkinson: Life in Bolivia
Arnon Grunberg: La Paz Book Fair
Beatriz Souviron: Those who were supposed to be ruled are ruling now
San Francisco Guardian: Can Obama save Bolivia?
Martin Lobigs: Highs and Lows in Bolivia
Patrick Irelan: Morales and the Red Ponchos
Diego von Vacano: A Bolivian Mea Culpa
Joseph E. Stiglitz: The Economic Crisis - Capitalist Fools