The Art of Power
Machiavelli, Nietzsche, and the
Making of Aesthetic Political Theory
By Diego A. von Vacano
Lexington Books
A division of Rowman & Littlefield
By Diego A. von Vacano

‘The Art of Power’ is a challenge to traditional political
theory. Diego A. von Vacano examines the work of
Machiavelli, arguing that he establishes a new, aesthetic
perspective on political life. He then proceeds to carry out
the most extensive analysis to date of an important
relationship in political theory: that between the thought of
Machiavelli and Friedrich Nietzsche. Arguing that these two
theorists have similar aims and perspectives, this work
uncovers the implications of their common way of looking
at the human condition and political practice to elucidate
the phenomenon of the persistence of aesthetic, sensory
cognition as fundamental to the human experience,
particularly to the political life. By exploring this
relationship, The Art of Power makes a significant
contribution to the growing interest in the intersection of
aesthetic theory and political philosophy as well as in
interdisciplinary and comparative perspectives on political
About the Author
Diego A. von Vacano is assistant professor of
political science at Texas A&M University.
"von Vacano has broken valuable ground, exhibits intimacy with a wide sweep
of Western political thought, and marries Nietzsche to his beloved Niccolò
(at long last!) by way of the book's greatest strength: close, novel
interpretations of paired texts mined productively to illuminate one
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